The Pop song that Nintendo copied -

The Pop song that Nintendo copied

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If you know your Mario music, then this old pop song might sound familiar. Did Nintendo steal it? And why do they sound so similar?

Also here is Max’s Twitter!! –

– Interview about meaning of Japanese lyrics to Green Green
– The two Koji Kondo quotes come from this interview
– Writeup of Green Green’s history (though I wish I had found this before I’d written most of the script myself!)
– Archive Footage of 1960s Japan

– Japanese kids singing Green Green
– Mrs. Green Apple cover of Green Green (bad audio I’m afraid)

– Super Mario World Theme composed by Koji Kondo, via Nintendo
– Stock music via Epidemic Sound


  1. most pop songs are "copied" considering most of them use an I V vi IV cord progression

  2. Sounds like he did a Ed Sheeran ….. 😂

  3. Sounding very similar is an understatement. If "Green Green" was a Marvin Gaye record, the estate would go HAM in the courtroom. lol

  4. Romans 10:9-10 "That if you confess with your mouth, "Jesus is Lord," and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved.

  5. Nope. Can't watch. As soon as you pronounced "Mario" as "Mary-oh" my ear drums spontaneously ruptured and vomited my brain matter out.

  6. I've seen a few things from Japan like this. So years ago (early 2000's) a person named Razor Ramon had a song called "Sunrise, Sunset"; it sounded familiar, but I couldn't place where. Then I heard the song Mr. Telephone Man by New Edition (done in 1984), it was the exact same song but with different lyrics. I think up until recently with copyright laws Japan figured "what's the chance that someone from America is going to inspect our music?"

  7. Okay hang on though, I watched this a year ago when it came out and didn't think about this. Just rewatched and: if Green, Green is as popular in Japan as you're saying, I'd venture to guess that this melody was a very tongue in cheek reference that the majority of gaming-aged teens and adults in Japan at the time would've immediately got and thought was cute. Basically, they would get it- and he didn't ever need to explain it. The western world is just late to the joke, I think lol

  8. you should look up old bar songs on piano from the late 1800s in america. you'll likely hear more Nintendo sounding melodies. also nintendo has been around since the 1800s and i wonder how much is a coincidence

  9. used to play Famicom games during the 80s/90s, then grew up to discover a surprising amount of music used in these games were either inspired or directly lifted from old songs… and that also Japanese music nerds really know how to utilize their knowledge

  10. Mario’s theme sounds similar to one of Chicago’s songs! XD

  11. As soon as I heard green green I thought green greens from the Kirby series

  12. @ThomasGameDocs there's an 80s band called The Shades and the song is Beaverworld you might want to listen to.

  13. I'm an old man… but tons of music from the states decades prior was popular in Japan… Many songs in the 80s and 90s in video games were lifted from popular music from that century.

  14. I've always associated it more with the Witch Doctor, personally

  15. 6:31 the time Thomas said Green Green at the same time " Green Green was said in the song

  16. It's funny how protective Nintendo is of their ip's yet all of the music is blatantly ripped off.

  17. Well, a game called castle-, it’s a Mickey Mouse game but it copied a game called. I think it’s called clastate

  18. Can we just talk about the fact how good the “Mrs. Green apple” version of Green Green sounds? I can’t find that live performance btw

  19. Ok but like. Why is this the first result when you search “green green super Mario world” of all things? Much less on YOUTUBE MUSIC???

  20. It’s more than Green Green. If you listen to Michael Jackson’s Human Nature it sounds like the credits song from Mario Kart DS and if you listen to Michael Jackson’s The Way You Make Me Feel it sounds a slight bit like the Luigi poker song from Super Mario 64 DS and New Super Mario Bros DS.

  21. It's not the first foreign song to become more popular in Japan than in its home country. See how Das Lied vom Musikanten, first attested in German children's soundbooks from the 1830's and 1840's, then made it to Japan where it became Yama no ongakuka, while the melody was forgotten in its native Germany… that is, until was brought back when Casio used Yama no ongakuka as the demo tune on their toy keyboards (generally named either just a "German folk song" or incorrectly as "Unterländers Heimweh"). To this day, you can find Yama no ongakuka very easy, same with Casio's toy keyboard versions, but no recordings of the German original (save for one single recording of a little girl from Ukraine singing it in German).

  22. you should post videos of you playing piano

  23. @ThomasGameDocs
    I just got back from Japan and while I was in Kyoto, I kept hearing this jingle that was insanely familiar while in the Kyoto Subway Station. This is a video someone else has of it here: . The first several notes sounds like the "Song of Healing" from Majora's Mask. I heard Kyoto was the first to do the "train jingles" (their ALL over Japan now, and they won't get out of my head lol) around 1989-1990, it makes me wonder if Koji Kondo had this train station jingle in his head when he made the Song of Healing. This line heads to Jujo station which is the stop for Nintendo HQ (been near it) in Kyoto so it wouldn't shock me if Koji has ridden on this train and heard that jingle, and thus used it for the Song of Healing.

  24. It also sounds an awful lot like David Seville's Witch Doctor song.

  25. There's another one recently
    daybreaker anthem

  26. Just imagine the kind of unintentional law suit carnage that would have happened if this song ended up in a Kirby game's first level! Good thing for Koji Kondo that it was Mario.

  27. Well I know about this by silvagunner and the comments specifically.

  28. vibes to the amazing digital circus main theme

  29. The amazing green green digital overworld

  30. That sounds more like Miraculous Ladybug’s first 4 notes than that to me ;-;

  31. bro got the song on wikapidia they where listening 😂

  32. I listened to this song first time in ending of Ep 18 of Nichijou – My Ordinary Life.

    It was so soothing and catchy that I instantly made the Japanese version into my caller tone.

    You video made me realize it's history and it's kinda fascinating. I wonder if there might me more songs like this.

  33. Check out rats and star everyone they are a old japenese band that is very underated

  34. I'm a bit late but if you want to follow my Twitter then here's the link!
    ALSO if you're wondering why I didn't actually play the original version of Green Green, only the Japanese ones, it's because I didn't want to get copyright claimed lol – if you want to hear the very first version of the song then a quick search on YouTube should bring it up!!

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