The WORST Fidget Toys for Lobster Diving! 🦞 Mrs. Bench -

The WORST Fidget Toys for Lobster Diving! 🦞 Mrs. Bench

Mrs. Bench
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  1. mate you don't know anything about fishing or stuff like that! If this is what YT shorts has become of people making vids with no point of life skill or help I don't nt know what is.

  2. Why do you need fidget toys when your lobster fishing? Like what the heck?😂

  3. Why would you bring them anyway 💀

  4. If you ever feel useless remember this video

  5. Do u kill the lobster😢 I don’t want them to die

  6. My mind the whole time:

    “Got a white boy on my rosta he be feeding me pasta and lobsta he jus hit me up on Tuesday like watchu doin bae lemme take u shoppin I told him well I’m a lil busy”

  7. “The worst fidget toys for when your filing for a divorce”
    “The best fidget toys for when you’re doing tax evasion”

  8. Why would you even bring fidgets to Diving

  9. You shouldn't bring toys in the first place!!

  10. Do you know Kayla Miss bench from purplestars02

  11. Why would you even bring a fidget to the sea?

  12. Bro what the hell the lobsters don’t care about the pineapple and what’s the shark gonna do!?

  13. Omg im sorry- the lobsters scream is so cute 😭✋

  14. It is so tiny does shark meat even be recognize

  15. Day 2 of asking of asking you to collaborate with the Stella show

  16. Hello, my favorite fidget toy is poppet and slime❤😊

  17. At the mermaid part I though the person who pulled it ripped the mermaid tail off-😭

  18. The lobster you catches was so cute ❤

  19. This just seems weird so I wouldn’t take any or I would just leave them in a bag or the car

  20. Can You send me a 3 pack of unicorn dimples? I live on LakeDale drive and my house number is 5210 and my house is in the town of Durham

  21. The worst type of fidget toy for polluting the world? All of them?

  22. Can u give me the big mermaid popit pls at 82 windmill Road ❤❤

  23. Ew not real the lobster at the end if the tik tok

  24. why would you need any fidget toy for lobster diving. I say that you should appreciate the experience and not bring plastic into the ocean.

  25. Mrs bench I love your videos so much they are so satisfying

  26. I no you don't have any of that 🪶🍃🦄🎮👙👚😇🤑🥶🥵🏪🏨🌏🧭🌋🧱🏡🏝🏖🍕🍔🍟🥨🫓🥖

  27. “The best fidget toys for when you’re getting stabbed”
    “The worst fidget toys for when you’re getting arrested”

  28. The pineapple that livez under the sea 💀

  29. I bet you don't have there's fights 🎉❤

  30. Don’t you dare drop that answer your mom is going to make angry

  31. The worst fidget Toys while pooping in the toilet.

  32. The worst fidgets you shouldn’t bring while robbing a building.

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