Todd in the Shadows - Hannah Montana Pop Tour Guitar Game (rus sub) -

Todd in the Shadows – Hannah Montana Pop Tour Guitar Game (rus sub)

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Примечания к переводу:
Вау-вау – гитарный эффект
Nerf – марка разных игрушек, в основном мягких


  1. The subtitles make this video more entertaining

  2. 3rd half???? Ummm i dont believe thats the way it works

  3. i lost it at piece of shit (metroid other m)

  4. I bought the Elder Scrolls IV and Fallout 3 for TWENTY dollars, and this thing is SIXTY dollars?  I…I'm speechless.

  5. А перевод обзора на сериал будет?

  6. this video makes me wanna play some guitar hero again.

  7. lovin' the "men in tights" reference XD
    (if it's actually older than that, let me know :P)

  8. So Todd does know about the alternate title for Other M

  9. Did anyone else notice that Hannah's face on the skateboard looks like the joker from The Dark Knight

  10. Concerning the common theme amongst all the songs: those all came out earlier in the series and there were many more that didn't reference her double life at all. They even made jokes about it in the show rather often.

    Not that I'd know anything about that.

  11. i want to play Guitar Hero with both a light gun and a DDR pad

  12. I won't lie, i actually like "The Other Side of Me"

  13. dragonforce reference 😀 srsly tho, that's like metal mario music. on speed.

  14. Of course Hannah Montana rips off Gem and the Holograms!

  15. So you hit the guitar? Sounds more like "Slap bass for dummies".

  16. Dear Lord, Hannah Montana is more obsessed with the main character's duality than the Jekyll&Hyde musical.

  17. lol, this time watching it I bothered to notice the little girls in the commercial he shows, and they are, in fact, strumming and not hitting the guitar because it would look stupid as hell doing it the way the game works. (:

  18. Well, 60 bucks is also way too much for a joke gift. Your friends must be pretty rich lol

  19. Metroid: Other M is much better than everyone says it is.

  20. "I hold the key to both realities" sounds like a line from an anime theme song

  21. I don't really care for this game, and speaking of Miley Cyrus and "Hannah Montana", about 5 months ago, Miley got mad at Nicki Minaj on stage at the VMA Awards after accepting her award for Best Hip-Hop Video. Here is a clip right now. Miley wasn't happy long after "Hannah Montana".

  22. hannah/miley rips-off guitar hero two word for you miley Cyrus Fuck You

  23. A shame Todd never actually did review the show. Would have loved to see that. 😛

  24. As someone who loved the Hannah Montana show as a kid (unfortunately), I'd like to clarify that everyone on the show DOES know that Hannah Montana is a fake personality. Half the show is people (paparazzi, reporters, other stars) trying to figure out who she is in real life.

  25. "tune in for the third half"

  26. As someone who used to love the show and is still pretty nostalgic for it

    I would've LOVED for Todd to tear apart the show that dominated my goddamn youth.

  27. Looking back on this I cringe a bit tbh. As a preteen I loved playing rockband, a bunch of my friends would come over just to play it at my house because my family had all of the instruments. Not all preteen girls only like makeup and dress up and shopping. But don't get me wrong I loved that shit too.

  28. Woah wait he doesn't like Other M? Other M was a good game. Well I mean the story was kind of blah but the game was fun.

  29. for a channel that was made for a russian audience, im pretty sure there are more english speakers watching lol

  30. Amazed he got 13 minutes of material out of this.

  31. Screw you. Nobody’s perfect was the jam…. after the weird beginning. Ok it was my guilty pleasure jam in high school.

  32. 60 bucks for this shitty excuse of a game? No thanks.

  33. I really don't see what this is for.
    Especially when there is much better out there. Both for fans of music games and of the show.

  34. I completely forgot this even existed.

    And it's about as bad as I expected, maybe even worse.

  35. Three buttons? Reminds me of GuitarFreaks (a Bemani game that actually predated Guitar Hero and Rock Band)…

  36. 13:20 Is that one of those Hannah Montana toy guns you were talking about?

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