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Toddler Animal Pop Game

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Designed for ages 18-months and up, your toddlers and kids will have a blast interacting with 30 animals and popping all sorts of objects – from bubbles to worms to cats and more! Perfect for kids who love animals and popping things. Great for toddlers still learning their animals! Colorful and fun HD graphics, music, animal noises, and lots of popping!

This game was designed to be easy for toddlers and young children to play, and will only require you showing them how to play one or two rounds. This game will help teach your children animal names and noises, as well as help in developing their fine motor skills.

***How to play***
Select an animal and then pop the falling objects as fast as you can! The objects start off large and slow, but as you get more animals the objects get smaller and faster! After you’ve popped all of the objects in a round, your animal will be put in the zoo where you can move it around, make animal sounds, and play find-that-animal. See if you can get all 30 animal in the zoo!

Your toddler will be able to play with up to 30 animals, including: alligator, bear, ladybug, penguin. dog, cat, turtle, snake, rabbit, moose, owl, bee, kangaroo, lion, monkey, zebra, butterfly, fish, and many more!

Pop all sorts of objects, including: bubbles, fruit, worms, lightbulbs, stars, cats, and more! This game is multitouch-enabled so you can pop as fast as your fingers can move!

HD ready and available on all app markets. Works on all phones and tablets.

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