Top 10 Games That Became Pop Culture Sensations -

Top 10 Games That Became Pop Culture Sensations
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Top 10 Games That Became Cultural Phenomenons
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These are the video games that surpassed their humble beginnings to become ubiquitous media giants, inescapable intellectual properties and just plain old household names. They’re recognized everywhere, have been turned in merchandise, movies and memes, and are more popular with some kids these days anything else. So put on your Minecraft t-shirt, cuz we here over at are counting down the Top 10 Games That Became Cultural Phenomenons.

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00:35 #10: Halo
01:41 #9: Angry Birds
02:40 #8: Minecraft
03:34 #7: Tetris
04:26 #6: Tomb Raider
05:25 #5: Call Of Duty
06:17 #4: Pac-Man
07:11 #3, #2 & #1: ????

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  1. Wow a ussR solider made Tetris 🇷🇺😏😌

  2. When a mobile game is a bigger culture phenomenon than Halo…

  3. the legend of Zelda wasn't even a honourable mention…..unsubscribed….

  4. WoW didn't come out in 2004 btw :/ it was 2005 your label is messed up…

  5. The Zelda franchise is pretty popular with pop culture lately. Makes sense to have Mario at number 1 and Pokemon at number 2.

  6. You could've given the following games an honorable mention as they've sold millions upon millions and know of their popculture references:

    1) street fighter, the largest selling franchise of all times.

    2) final fantasy. Before wow, there was plenty and I mean plenty of FF that went around that anyone and everyone played it whether you were an mmo ffxi or USA's first FFVII, you've played it.

  7. Minecraft should have been a lot higher, that being said, #1-3 are right on.

  8. The Dragon ball games should be in here tell me if I agree

  9. This list is bullshit. Tomba didn't even get an honorable mention.

  10. I ain't no fanboy but I am curious on how Tomb Raider is more popular than Grand theft auto. And I'm pretty positive it's made and sold a lot more but whatever. Both are popular

  11. pokémon had 17 movies, 900+ anime episodes, several mangas and more coming, it deserved the 1st place, Mario in movies let's see the super mario movie IT TOTALLY SUCKED (poor Bob Hoskins), animated mario show sucked and didn't last long, quote you say 0:26 "became success in ALL forms of pop culture" please follow your own rules, that you mention in your videos

  12. I don't see sonic the hedgehog on this list.

  13. We all pretty much knew Super Mario Bros would be #1. No surprise to me, that's my childhood.

  14. I haven't watched the video yet and I'm guessing number one is Mario.

  15. Minecraft and Angry Birds? God dammit Watchmojo. You could have had Resident Evil, Silent Hill, MGS, Megaman, Mass Effect, Metroid, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, maybe even Sonic. Oh so many other games.

  16. calling it before i watch it: Mario is #1

  17. actually assumed that Sonic would be on here, I'm surprised he's not

  18. Where's Sonic the hedgehog? Not even an honorable mention? 🙁

  19. I think the Pokémon tv series came out before the game so techniclly it doesn't count

  20. "The Pac-Man character is also set to appear in the Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider Ghost crossover movie…"

  21. I always wondered why WoW was so successful. It's because Chuck Norris approved it.

  22. GTA an honorable mention? IT PROBABLY THE MOST POPULAR GAME SINCE THE 2000's

  23. Not even a mention of Sonic, Undertale, Street Fighter, Mega Man, or Mortal Kombat?

  24. Where's Street Fighter II? That game put arcade fighting games on the map.

  25. Sonic should have at least been a honorable mention!

  26. ive always liked tomb raider more than uncharted

  27. What about Sonic the Hedgehog? He had a big impact in gaming during the 90s.

  28. Did anybody notice that they put remasterd instead of remastered?

  29. Mortal Kombat got a movie, action figures and Halloween costumes.

    Sonic got a upcoming movie, TV shows, comic books and toys.

    Street Fighter got a movie and animated TV show.

    Assassin Creed got a Movie and Halloween costumes.

  30. Too bad Rovio deleted a lot of their Angry Birds games from The App store.

  31. GTA, Final Fantasy, Legend Of Zelda, Mortal Kombat, Sonic, Street Fighter, Red Dead redemption, The Witcher.

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