Touch - New 3D K-POP game! High School Theme -

Touch – New 3D K-POP game! High School Theme

Crystal Kim Lorian
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I told everyone(excluding the 2 guys) that I’ll be recording a High School theme next. Who knew that the 2 guys also fit in the theme? =P Luck~!

You can find this game through Facebook;
link – (App Page) :
link – (game) :

or, the official website;
link :
Mode : Touch
Difficulty : x6
Song : Bittersweet by Super Junior bpm:106

I do not own this game nor the songs in it. Recorded with Bandicam


  1. How do you be a VIP in the game? Do you use cash? :3

  2. What server do you usually go on Touch? I'm just curious. Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question. ._."

  3. +RaWr LoVeYa  (I can't find the reply button T_T)
    I only go to Fantasy Sky server cause it was the only server available for me when I joined.
    & I can't imagine making characters for other servers cause doing missions for 1 char takes almost half a day(waiting for random missions to pop up) @~@" 
    Oh & it's not a stupid question =D Don't worry xD

  4. can u tell me that what name is the pants ur wearing in this video?

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