Ultimate Blindfold Battle Ft. @Mythpat | SlayyPop - twistytiles.com

Ultimate Blindfold Battle Ft. @Mythpat | SlayyPop

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Thanks to @Mythpat for his dirty brain.

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  1. slayypop so sus and mythpath science experiment most susiest

  2. This is the funniest video ever I seem

  3. be beverages cases far ex reface gift begs verse defect stats tregegggoujuhqujnsydu dkdjdtjnkhdkbfjbgvssgevddccdxsrxyhsm!ekekefjggjgkggnv?gFmkfyggfgggwvevrgyfuvivovkvviuvytvrvavavvabrbtvtbtbygyvydydfrgdgegrgufufjfifhfhfkvkvbkkvkblbkbv!gkkfggvkkbkbbbg!g!g!ggkggjbjbbjvjgjbjbjbibubbuggdytjuddkbhdjhmkxfzdjhkexvd njfnjdndkbbrxnkkdndjjtdhrbdihtbnbxmmbjjxbs jsbdjbtjsbsjbtjndthnn njbhhz rnh. ntht 🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪🇦🇪

  4. I immediately liked the video knowing that Mythpat is in the video.

  5. Mythpat is the best friend for abhudaya

  6. The double meaning video🤣🤣🤣🤣

  7. We need their Collab in main channel 💜💜

    Abhi Udhya is really cute 💜😂😂😂gaautmi is soo genius 👍🏻

  8. These things were just giving 'SUS' vibes💀 and the way u guys guessing it made it more 'SUS'😂☠️

  9. If you have read this comment please say hi, it's a request

  10. Inka object dene ka pattern dekho🤣
    Phele torch fir milk cream aur fir bal wala kivi🤣🤣🤣🤣🌚💀🌚🌚

  11. Pov -Me studying science only before 2 min of exam

  12. We can definately say that Gautami is the most talented one without any doubt….

  13. Mythpat aap baraae Ganda dimag ke ho😂😂😂😂😂😂

  14. Abhyudaya and gautami are the best YouTubers❤❤❤

  15. 0:13 oyehoyehoyehoyehoyehoye
    Muskaan ki chamkaan to dekho
    Jaise koi daanto pein
    TIDE ghis diye ho

  16. Siuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu😮

    Cristiano Ronaldo


  17. No one is gonna talk about the "12" subs

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