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  1. Wait, so they put the Ball randomly? Bcs im new to this

  2. Yeeshhhhh thanksss uuuuuu, I have the pop it thank uuuuuu very muchhhhh

  3. Idk about you but instead of pop it’s relieving my anxiety they cause it for me because it’s like what am I gonna pop first which order am I gonna pop them in??!

  4. Im using my dads phone can i have 5 pop it

  5. i have popit to i love them i have them and i made one and your so cool i love popit thanks for making to vid of them

  6. I like all the pop it soo much

  7. I have the monkey noodle and infinity cube from the 6th video

  8. these arent just toys?? its a tool for adhd, anxiety, etc. i dont agree with comparing them to medications, but they are also important. get them if you want, but dont get more than you need.

  9. Me: wheezing for a hour Bc of what she said HAHA STUPID BITCH🤣🤣🤣

  10. I hope that everyone has a wonderful day 😀😄

  11. 💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞💞

  12. I finally have a fidget toy and is a monkey is a small monkey puppet it is blue too but the on the first side is quiet but when you turn it around and then pop it is so loud so I recommend you not to me to take it in class because it’s a distraction but you can do it in your YMCA classroom at the school thing it to your parent pick you up and you can put it in your car and it is and then you can play it in your mom‘s car and and like the video and subscribe and comment and like my comment I don’t have TickTok yet my mom said I can only have it when I’m 15 and am eight hope you like my comment

  13. I deilevered a popit and I keep on waiting FOR A LOoOoOOnG TIMe WAaAaaAa 7 weeks later NOW IT ARRIVE GUD

  14. Please excuse me on how it works? And how to do it correctly. And what is it? Please excuse me on how it works? And how to do it correctly. And what does that even mean? 😥 Just write to Russian🐸🧚🏿‍♀️

  15. WELL the yellow pop it is a cheater and thtas dont how you do it he did not one

  16. ik everyone is looking for the shawty bae part so here it is 1:45

  17. random guy:5 please and thank you you cutie😏😏

    Me:i beat up your a#s

    Dont report me

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