We K-Pop Ep.17 - TXT (투모로우바이투게더) [ENG, CHN, MAL / 2019.11.01] - twistytiles.com

We K-Pop Ep.17 – TXT (투모로우바이투게더) [ENG, CHN, MAL / 2019.11.01]

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– Fri 18:30(Seoul, UTC+9)

카카오톡 # ,다음 검색창에 위케이팝 또는 카카오 TV 연예픽에서 만나보세요!

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  1. beomgyu is so cute when he shocked and when he use his deep voice im dead 😭

  2. ひゅかがサランヘヨゲーム強いのほんと好き

  3. When inseoung or inseong idk how to spell his name when he kiss the guy he was gonna say this is the coffee we will have together you can hear sobbing screaming

  4. Soobin be like : sorry am an anti romantic 🔥

  5. anyone know the song that inseong was singing?

  6. Bang PD: whoever has dimples they will be the leader

  7. They look so young here ! I miss this moment so much

  8. I have seen beomgyu and soobin's clip atleast 20 times 😂 it's just AMAZING!!!!

  9. Woooh all of them are so much anti romantic ooo god

  10. I can't believe I actually got to be a fan of them before they even debuted, they're so cool!!!

  11. I love them as much as the stars in the sky 🥺💖

  12. I literally rolled out of my bed at 25:01. And the song also goes well with scene afterwards.

  13. At 28:38 Yeonjun: What hell this guy just did
    Beomgyu: Trying hard to not burst into laughter
    Kai: Enjoying it
    Soobin: Confused and disgusted

  14. Wanna run away with me: had me😊…. Yup sure

  15. Kinda.. yk 👀

  16. The way Soobin grabbed Kai's shoulders after he sees the MC (Ghost prank)🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣I cAnt with it-

  17. They all wanted a piece of soobin so they all begged for another chance

  18. I just realize rn that taehyun is the biggest flirt among them😆. He is like that one guy who's silent and mysterious, but if he's asked to flirt, he can flatter everyone's heart.

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