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Yam Haus – Pop Game (Official Video)

Yam Haus
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Yam Haus – Pop Game (Official Video) filmed on iPhone
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Produced by: Harvest Film Company
Director/DP : Jeremiah Schuster
First AC : Alexander Martin
Lighting/Grip : Daniel Tyler

Stylist: Abby Rye
Talent : Daniel Tyler, Alex Kimbal
Trumpet : DeCarlo Jackson

Snapchat: yamhaus

Yam Haus
PO Box 1259
Hudson, WI 54016


  1. Came because of Taylor but I am staying because of you!

  2. love this ahh the vocals and instrumentals just. yes

  3. The song is a jam, the video is hilarious, and the trumpet solo is DOPE.
    Hope you guys come to play Toronto one day. I'm bringing a crowd.

  4. Yoooo the vibe of this song is something else! 👏 awesome

  5. Ooh found another gem. This song is such a vibe!

  6. Fun fact.. these guys went to my high school and preformed my senior year

  7. I loved the mood of this track. Great aesthetics 👍🏻

  8. Totally ENJOYED this. You guys are great!

  9. I am here after your reaction to life goes on by BTS, and now I'm glad I found you guys!

  10. I know their song’s gonna be a bop, cause look at the way they react to the song, love it! 💗

  11. Comes for your reaction but stay for your songs. This is so cool 💗

  12. ปิญารัตน์ เชื้อสกล says:

    It's a nice song. You sing very well.

  13. came here because of their taylor swift reactions, and THEY ARE AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! no cap,

  14. you guys are so painfully underrated. Can't wait for the day you blow up!

  15. they're not just handsome they're freaking talented im starting to love them!!🤧♥️

  16. Came from your Tay reactions – this is gorgeous! You're getting a new follower on Spotify 👍👏
    PS keep using horns in your songs please, it sounds soooo good!

  17. I just checked them on Spotify and I'm listening their songs!!!! This song is so good 🥺🥺🥺🥺
    From Philippines here ❤️😊

  18. Sumpah enak banget lagunya inii, sayang like ama penontonnya dikit bangettt, fans from indonesia is here!

  19. This is sad their music is good but their reaction videos get more views than their music. Their music is underrated. I love this song

  20. If folklore was never realized I would never have found this masterpiece of a band I love this song.

  21. the song is so nice omg😭😭🤍🤍🤍
    you guys made me happy, thank you ⁦♡⁩

  22. Just found these talented young men when they opened for Blue October last month in Nashville Tennessee. Love them. 💘

  23. Saw you in Portland with Blue October. You guys destroyed it that night.

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